Personal Training 

Personal Training is a great way to really focus on your personal goals and get individualised training that also suits your fitness level. 

I believe physical activity not only helps you achieve your physical goals but also your mental health goals too. It has been scientifically proven that exercise goes a long way to help people ease their depression. 


We will meet at least weekly but you will also be accountable through the training app where you will track your progress and have access to a weekly training program where you will log your session. 


Our online training has a variety of programs to choose from including one that requires no equipment. 


Weekly Investment

1 x 1 hour $60 plus $5* accountability fee =$65 

2 x 1 hour $35 plus $5* accountability fee =$40 (each person)

1 x 1/2 hour $35 plus $5* accountability fee =$40

*accountability fee is access to the online component. 

I am excited to help you reach your true potential. Contact me today to get started on your health goals.