A workout a day keeps the winter blues away

Winter is notoriously a time when we seem to want to hibernate. I admit it myself, I am not a fan of Winter, and it's coming - brace yourself (Yes GOT addict here) . However, Winter is also a time when people seem to get a little down. It's actually a thing! Lack of sunshine is known to cause a depressive type reaction.

I have written a blog on exercise and depression before, but did you know that regular exercise can also prevent the development of mental illness? I know myself that if I don't exercise regularly I get VERY cranky and sad. Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood, and I guess just the feeling of strength and fitness is even more of a boost once you get into regular exercise. Even 30 mins a day will help! Even going for a walk is better than nothing, but strength training will really get the blood flowing and the strength happening. Ask the women in my Strong Women class. They will tell you how bad ass they feel when they reach a new PB in weights. Nothing beats the feeling!

Speaking of.....the other benefit of getting yourself off the couch in Winter is the social side. Again, locking ourselves away can be very isolating and we get out of touch with the world. Some of us like that I guess, but there are many that don't and getting yourself along to an fitness class is a great way to keep up your social life.

And last, but not least, as the old saying goes. "Summer bodies are made in Winter". It's the truth. No point getting to summer and being upset that your clothes don't fit. (the average person puts on around 5 kilos over Winter). So another good reason to get your bod into the gym, fitness class, personal training...whatever floats your boat, is to keep those winter kilos off and prevent getting upset because of that. So, what are you waiting for. No better time than now!!

Happy training :)

Keep smiling through Winter while you keep in shape.

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